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  • A bunch of stuff

    I’ve been remiss about updating the site, so here goes: a list of publications from the last eight or nine months, and for good measure, a song. I have a piece of flash fiction, “The Lights of San Francisco,” in an excellent and very attractive noir journal, Switchblade, which you can buy here. I have […]

  • “Those L.A. Nights”

    I’ve been working on this song for the last month or two, and though I wrote most of the words in one sitting, the song never quite clicked with me, so I’ve been rewriting and rearranging it. It’s inspired in part by a visit to L.A. with my wife over the summer. We went to […]

  • Review at Kenyon Review

    I’m very happy to have a review of The Sleeping World by Gabrielle Lucille Fuentes up at the Kenyon Review. It’s weird: I wrote this a couple months ago, before the violence in the public sphere seemed to have escalated in Charlottesville, particularly the violence incited by fascists and Nazis at protests, all of which […]

  • New song: “That Yellow Cajun Moon”

    Sometimes I write songs, and sometimes I sing them, too. I know, I know: there are lots of songs called “Cajun Moon,” two of them, in fact, one by Ricky Skaggs, the other by JJ Cale. (And hell, there are probably others.) I might’ve been thinking of the latter when I wrote this, since it’s […]

  • Essay in Guernica

    I’m super psyched to have an essay up at Guernica: A Magazine of Global Arts and Politics, a journal I’ve admired for a long time. Back in February, I went to a town hall meeting with some friends to protest what was then a potential Republican replacement for the Affordable Care Act. I found myself […]

  • Story in Great Jones Street

    I’m very belatedly posting a link to “I Want to Destroy You,” a piece of flash erotica I was commissioned to write by Great Jones Street, which is an excellent magazine I’m really happy to be part of, for their My Bloody Valentine collection. Though I approach it with trepidation (because it’s easy to do […]

  • Stories

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