A bunch of stuff

I’ve been remiss about updating the site, so here goes: a list of publications from the last eight or nine months, and for good measure, a song.

I have a piece of flash fiction, “The Lights of San Francisco,” in an excellent and very attractive noir journal, Switchblade, which you can buy here.

I have a story, “Detour,” at Rusty Barnes’ excellent crime fiction blog, Tough.

I have a piece of flash fiction, “Taylor Swift Valentines Day Advice,” at the awesome Atticus Review.

I have an interview with James Sallis, one of the great living crime writers, and two noir stories, “Carpetbagger” and “But She Was in Trouble, Too,” in the new Xavier Review. (You can read the whole issue online, but hell, you could probably buy one, too.)


I have a flash fiction, “Silver City,” which is probably the darkest thing I’ve written, in Near the Knuckle, a site that specializes in (you guessed it) underground pulp and noir.

I have a noir story, “After Midnight at the C’est La Vie Lounge,” in the underground noir magazine Pulp Modern.

I have a flash piece, “The First Blow,” in the Akashic Books Mondays Are Murder Flash Fiction Blog, a great site that has always been very supportive of my writing.

I have a flash piece, “Warning Shot,” in Shotgun Honey.

Also, here are some other odds and ends:

Poets & Writers asked me to write an entry for their blog about the Mississippi Noir Night I hosted with William Boyle and RaShell R. Smith-Spears near the end of the last season of the Blood Jet Poetry Series.

Last year, I interviewed my friend Kris Faatz, whose debut To Love a Stranger is terrific, and JMWW was kind enough to publish our conversation.

Kris — who is also a concert pianist — has a regular feature called Storytelling and Sound on her blog, and she read the first part of an older story of mine, “The Hit,” and paired it with two Shostakovich preludes. I find it really moving to see what someone does with something I’ve written, and though I’m not particularly knowledgeable about classical music, the Shostakovich could turn me into a fan of music that involves more than three chords.

And finally, speaking of three chords, I wrote a song about New Orleans, “When I First Came to New Orleans,” which you can listen to here.

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