New song: “That Yellow Cajun Moon”

Sometimes I write songs, and sometimes I sing them, too. I know, I know: there are lots of songs called “Cajun Moon,” two of them, in fact, one by Ricky Skaggs, the other by JJ Cale. (And hell, there are probably others.) I might’ve been thinking of the latter when I wrote this, since it’s basically a blues with that sleepy major seventh chord Cale uses in “Magnolia.” Anyway, it’s called “That Yellow Cajun Moon,” and I wrote most of the words on the back of the program from the ceremony where my brother-in-law took his vows to become a Jesuit. (You can hear that in the words.) My friend George plays a nice piano that spices this up with a little New Orleans rhythm, but this is just me and the guitar, singing and playing into my iPhone.

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